IN THE LARGEST CITY on Khorvaire, towers stretch thousands of feet into the air. Sharn, the City of Towers, teems with diverse residents and exhibits the breadth of Eberron’s magical technology.

Day or night, the streets of Sharn are never empty. Visitors come from around the world to experience all the city has to offer. Entertainment of all kinds can be found, from opera houses to seedy taverns. The common phrase “If it can be bought, it can be bought here” speaks to the quantity and quality of Sham’s shops.

The trading stalls clustered into specialized areas are just a part of the picture. The black market in Sharn can provide anything from rare food to stolen artifacts. Adventurers are drawn to Sharn because of the huge number of j o b opportunities. There’s always someone looking to fund an exploratory delve, such as Morgrave University. The city is also the “Gateway to Xen’drik.” The mysterious jungle continent, full of colossal ruins and lost magic, is but a short sea voyage to the south.

Sharn has a more diverse population than any other city in the entire world of Eberron. Humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, warforged, shifters, goblinoids, and even monstrous mercenaries from Droaam can be seen walking the streets. Sharn is built atop the ruins of ancient cities. The lowest regions were made during the reign of goblinoids, and the styles of human civilizations rise up from there.

Poor citizens live on lower levels of the towers of Sharn, and the wealthy live at the higher levels. Balconies, bridges, and platforms form walking paths between towers. Flying transports—such as sky coaches, magical elevators, and trained animals—are popular.

Parts of Sharn reach into the depths below the earth. In the Cogs, heat and magic are used to process raw materials. The workers say the heat comes from a lake of molten lava below the city. Ruins, sewers, and other forgotten chambers are layered in labyrinthine patterns in the depths. These areas are uninhabited—mostly—and hold strange treasure and relics.


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