The Dhakaani Empire was a mighty goblinoid nation that dominated most of Khorvaire over a period extending from about 15,000 years ago to about 5000 years ago.

The Dhakaani fought a war against the invaders from Xoriat, the plane of madness, which exhausted the resources of their empire around 9000 years ago; the Daelkyr were eventually defeated by the Gatekeepers, an order of druids.

Info from Professor Gydd Nephret:

The Dhakaani goblinoids ruled Khorvaire for seven thousand years before the Xoriat incursion shattered the proud civilization they had built. This goblin nation devoted itself to the art of war — both its practice and its tools — and its armorers and weaponsmiths were among the finest the world has ever seen. The Dhakaani worshiped no gods; rather, they revered the empire itself, recounting the deeds and history of the great heroes who defined it for all to hear.

Goblinoids once ruled much of western Khorvaire as the mighty Dhakaan Empire. Though the empire eventually fell, its past existence means two significant things for Eberron’s goblinoid tribes, particularly the Dhakaani tribes who clung to the remnants of civilization rather than falling into savagery like their lowland Ghaal’dar kin.
Unlike goblinoids in most campaigns, the Dhakaani goblinoids grow up hearing their duur’kala (“dirge singers,” their name for bards) tell tales of their peoples’ ancient empire, an empire that was strong before the humans, elves, and dwarves gained power in Khorvaire. These inspirational stories are fuel that the Dhakaani leaders use to stoke the fires of vengeance among their tribes. While goblinoids in other worlds raid for food and loot, Dhakaani goblinoids march to war with some variant of “For the lost empire!” as their battle cry. Zealotry is a stronger motivator than hunger or greed and can make a common soldier face certain death without blinking.

Like all fallen civilizations, the Dhakaani Empire had its share of marvels and advances. Though some of them may seem primitive by modern Eberron standards, ancient items drawing on Eberron or Khyber dragonshards may lie buried in old goblin cities, waiting to be unearthed by a crafty warlord. Because of the war against the daelkyr, the lost goblin empire probably has many weapons made to defeat aberrations (such as the dolgaunt and dolgrim, tools of the daelkyr) and defenses that guard troops against mental attacks.

There are few Dhakaani clans left among the goblin peoples, the dar, in their own tongue. Among those clans left are the Kech Volaar, the “Word Bearers”, and the Kech Sharaat, the “Blade Bearers”.


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