The towers of Sharn reach up to the sky, but its tunnels also stretch down into the earth. Beneath the decrepit and forgotten ruins of the depths these underground warrens are known as the Cogs.

The Cogs sit on the very base of Sharn and serve as the center of its industry. Well maintained tunnels and shafts grant access to this deepest part of the city, allowing workers to make their way between the Cogs and the surface on a daily basis. The Cogs are the churning heart of the city, full of forges and foundries powered by steaming geysers.

Far below the foundations of Sharn’s towers, the Cogs incorporate elements of ancient ruins and caverns. Farther below lies an enormous lake of magma, the heat from which rises into the bowels
of the city. Most people, residents and visitors alike never venture past the furnaces of the Cogs to seek the fiery lake itself.

Few individuals live in the Cogs as a matter of choice. Those who work in the foundries have homes in Lower Dura or Lower Tavick’s Landing. and Khyber’s Gate is the only place in the Cogs where actual homes call be found. In spite of this. the Cogs do support a population of a few thousand. Criminals and fugitives hide from the law here, and forbidden cults and other sinister organizations set up temporary residence in the Cogs to protect their dark rituals.


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