The Plan

Below are the remembered transcripts of the discussion between the PC’s and Captain Saj Kalas.

If you’d like to skip the setup and just read the specifics on the plan, jump down to “The Group Takes the Oath.”

“Thank you for coming,” I am Captain Kalaes. Follow me."

“Let me lay to rest any fears you might have. You’re in no trouble. You’re here for two reasons. The first is because you ventured into the Depths and recovered a Goblin artifact. I hear you did so to help the locals with a kruthik infestation, which means you’re brave. The fact that you’re sitting in front of me means you’re capable. Breland needs your skills, helping us with a task related to the item you’ve found. That’s the second reason you’re here.”

What’s the task?

“In the goblin nation of Darguun, the Lhesh Haruuc holds onto power in the lowlands. In the Seawall Mountains to the east of that land, Dhakaani goblins plot their return to power. Among
these factions is the Kech Volaar clan, the Wordbearers. These goblins are more moderate than most, interested in acquiring the right to rule by assembling goblin artifacts and building stable alliances. Although they cherish the return of a goblin empire, they lack the savagery common among their barbaric kin.

“You might know that the Wordbearers, even now, seek the blade you recovered. They realize, as you might, that it is part of a mighty goblin artifact. They seek to reassemble this artifact as yet another symbol of their right to rule Darguun as the true heirs of Dhakaani.

“We believe for many reasons, political and otherwise, that we should support the Wordbearers’ ascension to power over any of their more aggressive cousins. To this end, we want you to help
the Kech Volaar acquire the other pieces of this Ashen Crown.”

Why us?

“At this point in this 8ame, we can’t let the Kech Volaar-or anyone else-know that Breland supports the Wordbearers’ eventual play for control of Darguun. We need a neutral party. You,
for example. Be assured that we’ll use your success for political advantage.

“Besides, why not you? If you weren’t capable freelancers, we’d inform you of our needs and ask for the item to use for the good of Breland. Offering you this opportunity seems like a
better choice.”

Why can’t we or you reveal the truth?

“We don’t know how the Kech Volaar might react to any hint of official aid from Breland. It might make them more suspicious. It could drive them away. We can, however, be certain how other oranizations, nations, and rulers-such as the “mighty” Haruuc-would react to this if it were undisguised. You are not and will not be recognized as official agents of Breland in this.
You must tell no one of your true purpose."

What happens to the blade and the other parts of the Crown when we’re done?

“Once you succeed, you are to leave the Crown and its pieces in the hands of the Kech Volaar. This point is nonnegotiable. The Kech Volaar must have the complete Crown. That said, you can
keep possession of the fragments you recover until it is time to part ways with the Wordbearers. Use your discretion.”

What’s in this for us?

“Service to Breland is its own reward. However, I’m sure you realize that the favor of the King’s Citadel, and thereby the Crown of Breland, does have certain intangible benefits.”

What aid can we expect?

“Very little that I can reveal. We can supply you with mundane equipment that you think you might need.”

How do you know so much?

“As servants of the king, we know because it’s our job to know. More than that I cannot reveal until you swear to help.”

The group takes the oath.

“Now for more detail.”

“The Kech Volaar in Sham know you have the blade, but their leader sees dealing with you as something she can do after finding the other fragments of the Ashen Crown. She is heading for the goblin monument known as Six Kings in the northern Graywall Mountains soon. We want you to head northwest, meet her there, and offer your aid. I leave it to you to come up with a plausible reason why you’re willing to aid the goblins.”

Okay, so how do you know so much?

“We have an agent on the inside. A doppelganger posing as a hobgoblin named Tikulti. He has tribal tattoos around his eyes and on his chin, and he carries a distinctive bejeweled rapier. Tikulti will help you accomplish your mission, but he must do so without revealing his true nature.”

Aid the Kech Volaar leader in doing what?

“When you get to Six Kings, you’ll offer to help her acquire one of the two Crown fragments she suspects is there. Tikulti tells us that the leader seeks two different parts under Six Kings. Tikulti told us they’ll be going to a cave beneath the monument. An outcropping of white stone points into the correct opening. You’ll have to find out more from the Kech Volaar on site. We understand that after Six Kings, the goblin team plans to head to Graywall city in Droaam to recover another piece. At present, I know little more about that portion of the task.”

How do we get there?

“You’ll be flying to Ardev aboard a Lyrandar airship. The Kech Volaar have access to a freelance airship called Kordanga, which they’re using to make the trip. Our intelligence suggests that Kordanga will be dropping off most of the Kech Volaar in Ardev, then heading to the Droaam town of Graywall to gather information about a Crown fragment in the goblin ruins under that city.”

“You’ll follow the Wordbearers overland from Ardev, along the Orien trade road that leads west to GraywaU and past Six Kings. We suspect they’ll travel cross-country, but you needn’t do so. Let them take the hard way if they want. The road should be safer.”

Anything else we should know?

“We have it on Tikulti’s authority that a few bands of Kech Shaarat goblins, Bladebearers, are pursuing the Kech Volaar party. Tikulti tells us that he and his companions have already
driven off one band. Neither the Bladebearers nor anyone else can be allowed to steal the fragments or the Crown under any circumstances. Consider any Bladebearers you meet enemies. Their warriors brand themselves with blade-shaped scars.”

When do we leave?

“You leave in three days,just after the Wordbearers do. I want you on their heels, but not too close. r recommend you prepare, and come up with a list of equipment and supplies you think
you need. I’ll see you again for a final briefing before you leave. Remember: Tell no one of your affiliation with the Citadel.”

The Plan

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