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Hey everyone, this is the site we’ll be using to track the campaign as we go and will house wrap-ups of each weeks adventure (perfect for those catching up or a re-fresher if you miss one).

It will also include important information about people and places you encounter. This way if you need to remember something that happened early on in the adventure we have a place to keep it all together.

The tabs across the top there under the big image are the different sections, and are pretty self evident. Adventure Log is a break down of the adventure sessions. The Wiki has links to people, places and other important stuff.

Get to know it, since I’ll be needing your help in updating it as we adventure!

Edit/Level up your character

When we level up I’ll have you handle it between sessions by launching the online character builder and taking care of it yourself. I’ll be available for questions if you get stuck or have issues.

Here’s the link for the character builder

  • On that page click “sign in” in the upper right corner of the page and enter this info:
  • Then click the “launch” button. The builder takes some time to load
  • When it does click “load”, then choose your character and hit “load” again
  • In the column on the left click all the way at the bottom that says “manage your character”
  • Click level up.
  • Whichever sections turn from green to tan need to be updated with feats or abilities or skills or whatever.
  • When they’re all green (cept for the last one) click manage again then save.
  • Feel free to print it if you’d like or tell me it’s done and I’ll print it at work on the nice paper

Home Page

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