Seekers of the Ashen Crown

Make Haste for Sharn!
Magic Airship Ride

Once killing their former Wordbearer allies, the PC retreat to a nearby tavern to regroup and try and figure out what just happened. Not long after finding safe haven the sending stone chips up and it’s Tikulti, taunting the group with his clever deception of killing Yeera and her friends and grabbing all the pieces of the Crown for Demise, who’s he’s been working for this entire time.

He threatens the group to run to Captain Kalas (who thinks is an agent of his) and plans to blame the attack on the PC’s.

He also taunts them back to Sharn, telling them he and Demise have what they need and will just get the rest from the PC’s whenever they like.

The group decides to hightail it back to Sharn to clear their names, take revenge for Yeera, and to stop Demise from acquiring the Ashen Crown for herself.

They hire the same airship they got to Greywall in to take them back to Sharn, and during the flight “home” they come under attack from a dragon! He crashes the deck and throws everyone about, but a lucky few moves and a well timed bull rush results in Fargrim knocking the fucking dragon off the side of the ship, and the ship is able to maintain enough speed to outrun the dragon once he’s pulled out of his fall and recovered.

Nighttime in the Marketplace
An unseen deception and the loss of allies

When the group arrives at Greywall Yeera uses the Ashen Crown’s circlet power to locate the final piece of the crown, buried deep underground in ruins that unfortunately sit directly on top of the busy section of town known as the Goblin Market.

The group hatches a plan to set up an overpriced stall with a huge tent, to give Yeera and the Wordbearers cover to dig down while the market was running to acquire the last piece of the crown.

The group plays salesman while the dig occurs, and eventually they get word via the sending stone that the Wordbearers have found the last piece!

While Druken was on patrol around the square, he sees Demise on a road leading into the market sneering at them… at which point she and a group of gnolls attack. The melee drags the PC’s away from the tent for a time and when Yeera and the rest emerge the woman impersonating Demise laughs and takes her own life. The group notices something strange with the Wordbearers and that Tikulti isn’t among the group.

When they get close the notice the tell tale signs of the Wordbearers having been killed and reanimated as Deathgaunts, and after being attacked by them the PC are forced to kill their allies. They find all the pieces of the crown gone, except the one piece that Fargrim still holds.

Time compressed

As the controller of a world I have certain powers over it. Time compression, event shifting, etc. To the end I’m able to compress about 3 weeks worth of adventuring into a single post. A little bit out of laziness, but mostly to show you I’m able to do it.

The party had ventured deep into and under Six Kings, with nowhere to rest and escalating dangers around every corner. A climactic battle at the moon pool against overwhelming odds was rewarded with a piece of the Ashen Crown but nowhere to rest. Weary the group was surprised to have Yeera and her group bust into the room, with 2 less people than they entered the portal with, lost to the dangers of Six Kings. Pursued by god knows what, the group high tails it out of Six Kings and is relieved to see the sun once again.

The relief is short lived. The Wordbearers airship isn’t present, so Yeera sends her companions to investigate. She takes this moment alone with the party to apologize for not trusting them and making a formal bond. She tells of the final piece of the crown lying in the town of Greywall. The party hands over the pieces of the crown but they’re interrupted soon after.

On the road in front of them is the reanimated corpses of the Bladebearers they fought on their way to Six Kings! The have the same skin hanging look as the men in Professor Gydd’s apartment back in Sharn, and it isn’t hard to figure out Demise is behind this.

After re-killing them all (and collecting their heads) they head up the mountain to find Yeera’s scouts. They find the crew and the airship, though it’s been damaged. The scouts fought off a group of Emerald Claw and it would appear they weren’t here to kill the party, only to slow them down.

After repairs are made the group sets off for Greywall…

As we work our way through Six Kings
The search for the Moon Pool continues

Late update, but mostly dungeon delve type adventuring as the group searches beneath Six Kings for the elusive Moon Pool and another part of the Ashen Crown.

The group has been set upon by walking skeletons, Dolgrims with 4 arms and 2 mouths, etheral goblins, flame traps and more. Not to mention when Balthazar was taken over and dominated!

The group finds out from Yeera that it’s been tough going for her group as well, as she relays the information that one of her party has fallen. However, the search continues.

There are reports from Yeera of long lost goblin clans still fighting over long lost banners under Six Kings, having never seen the surface or daylight carry on battles that ended hundreds of years ago.

The delve beneath Six Kings begins
Hmmm, we should collect these swords before these skeletons get up and walk.

Yeraa thinks there are two different pieces of the Ashen Crown hidden underneath Six Kings, and devises a plan where her group will go deep underground while the PC’s stay closer to the surface.

The collected group makes it’s way into the tunnels beneath Six Kings to find a room with a Obelisk in it. Yeraa and her crew begin a ritual to open a portal between this room and an identical one far below it. The ritual is a success and her party vanishes!

Just as that happens the group is surrounded by animated skeletons that begin to stand up as black mist covers the floor.

Once the fight was over Yeraa makes contact through her sending stone to make sure everyone is ok. They fought off a band of ghouls on the other side and it looks like the portal is one way, so they’ll have to find another way back.

The crew continues it’s search and comes upon a dark room with what appears to be black water rippling in pools. Fargrim can tell it’s Shadowseed. The group also seems “something” lurking in the corner of the room in a sunken area. As Fargrim moves to explore wraiths appear out of thin air and rush the Paladin!

At the base of Six Kings
The long journey down the trade road finally comes to an end

Finally, after days of travel and multiple ambushes and attempts on their lives the group makes it through and arrives at Six Kings. They meet up with the Wordbearers and attempt to ally with them without them knowing that their on orders from Captain Saj Kalas. After a negotiation the Hobgoblins agree to let the honor bouts of the Amalorkar decide the fate of the alliance.

After a few rounds the Amalorkar fell in favor of the party, and the hobgoblins of the Wordbearers celebrated, it’s as if the Gods themselves have blessed the alliance.

The leader, Yeraa, explains that there are 2 fragments in the caves beneath Six Kings. Lurtaan’s Cord and a solitaire gem. The solitaire gem is closer to the surface and will be the target for the party. Yeraa and the other Kech Volaar will trigger an obelisk inside the caves to open a portal to the “Moon Pool” where they believe the cord is located.

The group camps overnight outside the caves before their long and dangerous delve.

The Road to Six Kings (cont)
Another week, another player leaps off a cliff and knocks themselves out. Lesson learned?

The journey along the dangerous trade road between the nations of Breland and Dooram continues, this time the group runs into a band of thieves that have taken up residence on the road and is charging tolls to anyone passing by. The group fought off the band save for a priest that made a break for it once his allies fell, he also made off with some of the money/loot that had been acquiring.

Fargrim found the half eaten body of a fellow paladin of Moradin, and decided to put his armor to good use, bless and bury the body of his brother.

The group continued the trek, stumbling into and then stealthing their way to find Captain Warrick and his collection of Emerald Claw soldiers unaware.

Balthazar opened up with a critical hit on his daily power, killing a necromancer before he even got the chance to attack. The group made quick work of the Emerald Claw, keeping Captain Warrick alive to question him.

The Road to Six Kings
Hey guys, watch me jump off this cliff!

The group, having stumbled upon a group of scouts with a tied of tattooed goblin, decided it was high time to get into some action during their trek along the trade road that connects the town of Ardev to the monument of Six Kings.

Balthazar and Druken climbed and jumped up the 20ft cliff face to square off against the two scouts above while Fargrim and Quinn stayed below. Bolts were thrown, arrows shot and at some point Balthazar knocked a dude off a cliff where he died on his way down.

(And let’s not get into the part where Balthazar leaped off the cliff to try and land on a guy, missed, and knocked himself out in the process.)

At the end of the fight they had rescued the goblin prisoner and questioned the last remaining Emerald Claw member who explained they were following order from Captain Warrick. The Captain thinks Demise is foolish in letting the PC’s acquire the pieces of the Ashen Crown with the intent of killing them later. Warrick plans to kill the PC’s and get the Ashen Crown for himself.

They continued their journey towards Six Kings when they noticed a plume of smoke from up ahead. They sent Druken to recon and came back with news of a few Knolls, Orcs and a Minotaur blocking the road ahead. The came up with a plan and set it into motion with Druken and Quinn hiding and Fargrim and Balthazar approaching on foot to talk to the Minotaur.

The Minotaur demanded a toll, and after a very brief (failed) negotiation the weapons were drawn!

The Missing Professor
The city of Sharn in our rearview

As the rain poured down the group approached Professor Gydd Nephret‘s apt. Inside they found papers strewn about the place overturned. Lady Dannae Ulyan is there and tells them the professor’s not here, but that needn’t concern them. When her form flickered Fargrim and Prof. Quinn knew it was an illusion and prepared for battle. The PC’s fought off the Deathlock Wight and some zombies in the apt. After the fight the Prof. reveals that he’s a shapechanger having been through a battle together feels he can trust the other PC’s.

Afterwards they found the secret panel in the wall that Gydd told them about, recovering Ashurta’s Blade and more info about the Ashen Crown. They also found a note from Gydd saying “Dannae is Demise. Why Emerald Claw?”

After surviving the battle, the group met with Captain Saj Kalas one final time but had no follow up questions. They boarded their airship and traveled away from Sharn towards the trade road they would take to meet up with the Wordbearers to hopefully ally with to help them acquire the rest of the crown fragments before either the Bladebearers or Demsie and her band of Skullborn could. The race is on.

The trade road hike is long, and after traveling for awhile the group comes upon a band of humans with markings of the Emerald Claw interrogating a tied up goblin on the road way. Prof. Quinn shape changes into a similar looking goblin and jumps out to yell at the humans to provide a distraction. Meanwhile Balthazar climbs a cliff wall to get the drop on the group. But as the humans turn to look at the ruse an arrow comes from a scout on the top of the cliff and pierces the rock wall right next to Balthazar!

The chase for the Ashen Crown begins
2.5 hours and only 1 die roll!

After the group defeated the Dhakaani Warlord Ashurta and claimed his blade they make their way with flying Kruthik samples in hand to deliver to Professor Quinn, who turns out to be both a professor but also a man looking for a bit of adventuring, thus was testing the PC’s with the task of getting the samples. They mention the blade and where they can find some more information about it and Quinn mentions Professor Gydd Nephret who studies Dhakaani antiquities. Quinn joins the group.

They then return to The Slag Pit to speak with Morlic Torranol and Olaakki about their reward for clearing out the hive. There’s a bit of a stand-off as Balthazar attempts to change the terms of the deal, but after calling in his guards Morlic and he defuse the situation, at which time Morlic dismisses the group and tosses Olaakki out with them. They reveal to Olaakki the tomb they found and they treasure therein. He doesn’t have any information to go on but promises to look into it and follow up with more information. He’s thankful the PC’s didnt take his part of the reward money.

A conversation with Professor Gydd Nephret reveals everything about both Ashurta’s Blade but also the Ashen Crown itself, including it’s parts and history. It sinks into the group that they stumbled onto something very valuable and serious in their attempt to clear out that hive. She requests to hold onto the blade for study and will touch base with the PC’s in two days time at the Inn of the Dancing Bear.

While waiting for her to contact them, the PC’s hear from the bartender that a strange group of goblins has been spotted, not native to the city, and were poking around in the Cogs. He also heard them referred to as “Wordbearers” but has no clue what that means. He promises to keep an eye out and is tipped for his help.

In the morning the group finds a royal summons outside their doors demanding they meet with Captain Saj Kalas at the Royal Citadel that very afternoon. The Plan discussed is in great detail.

Now that we know the word is out on the Ashen Crown and the recently discovered piece, the group heads back to Professor Gydd Nephret to retrieve the blade and find out what she knows. They meet Lady Dannae Ulyan, an elf noble, who attempts to purchase the blade for 5000gp. Turned down, she leaves with her guard. Gydd looks relieved, and says she kept the sword in the basement of Morgrave University and will grab it tonight and meet them first thing in the morning.

The next morning the PC’s find a letter from Gydd telling them that Lady Danne isn’t what she seems and to stay safe she’s leaving Sharn immediately. She leaves a key and locale of a wall panel that will have info and the blade in case she’s already gone. The group heads over right away through driving rain. Everything looks ok from the outside of her house but as Zarra sneaks up to the door she notices it’s slightly ajar…


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