Seekers of the Ashen Crown

Destroying the Kruthik Hive
Holy crap that was a lot of fighting!

After solving the puzzle of the first room of the stumbled upon tomb, the crew light torches and made their way down a makeshift corridor until they found another door and a much smaller tunnel veering of to the right. The group explored the hastily carved tunnel which led them to the Kruthik Hive, filled with eggs, slime, and the chittering of kruthik’s. Stomping on the egg angered the hive and brought out the Hive Lord which the party fought and eventually killed. They discovered proof of a flying kruthik as well, which will certainly make Professor Quinn happy. Evidence and samples were taken as well a +2 amulet of protection that was found in the debris of devoured kruthik victims.

Backtracking to the main tunnel the group finds themselves back at the door. Covered in ancient goblin carvings from the Dhakaani era, they depicted scenes of a great warrior fighting with the words “Here lies the body of Ashurta, great warrior of the Dhakaani Empire. Show your respect or meet your fate.”

Entering the party found a huge statue honoring Ashurta, as well as a sarcophagus. Giving their honor to him Ashurta spoke to them, promising them his magical blade if they survived the trial of blood and sends his protectors and him to their rest. After striking down the animated hobgoblins the party claimed Ashurta’s Blade as well as a few other magic items.

The Adventure Begins
One night while drinking at the Dancing Bear

Gathered at the local bar “The Dancing Bear” the group is approached by an academic named Professor Quinn.

He talks about the recent Kruthik infestation and how there’s been rumors around that some people have seen flying kruthik’s, never before seen. He’d like some samples of these creatures so he can both study them and get ahead at the school. He refers the PC’s to Morlic Torranol, a dwarf working in the Cogs who’s been looking for help exterminating the kruthik threat.

Traveling down to the cogs the PC’s instantly notice the warmer air of being closer to the mines. They make their way to Tain Foundry and find Morlic at the local tavern “The Slag Pit.” It’s a dump. They find Morlic and talk about the job, Balthazar proposing and ultimately losing a drinking bet in an effort to increase their fee for hunting the kruthik’s.

After taking the job the PC’s rest for the night and intend to head out first thing in the morning. That night they are approached by Olaakki, a hobgoblin priest they saw earlier hanging around Morlic. He explains that he approached Morlic to work together on the kruthik threat because he’s recently had some followers of his disappear in the tunnels near Morlic’s mines. To protect his flock he’d also like the threat eliminated.

The PC’s use the map of Olaakki’s to find the missing followers and the tell tale scent of dead kruthik’s. The also find the hidden entrance to a dungeon. Sorting through the belongings of the dead followers they discover that they’re standing in front of Ashurta’s Rest, a tomb to one of the Dhakaani’s famous warriors. Using a clue found in the belongings the PC’s successfully disable a trap in the first room, though they alert the kruthik’s to their presence.

After defeating the kruthik ambush the PC’s make their way down the hidden passage opened up by disabling the trap, and are met with a closed iron door with Dhakaani era carvings.


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