Seekers of the Ashen Crown

The Road to Six Kings (cont)

Another week, another player leaps off a cliff and knocks themselves out. Lesson learned?

The journey along the dangerous trade road between the nations of Breland and Dooram continues, this time the group runs into a band of thieves that have taken up residence on the road and is charging tolls to anyone passing by. The group fought off the band save for a priest that made a break for it once his allies fell, he also made off with some of the money/loot that had been acquiring.

Fargrim found the half eaten body of a fellow paladin of Moradin, and decided to put his armor to good use, bless and bury the body of his brother.

The group continued the trek, stumbling into and then stealthing their way to find Captain Warrick and his collection of Emerald Claw soldiers unaware.

Balthazar opened up with a critical hit on his daily power, killing a necromancer before he even got the chance to attack. The group made quick work of the Emerald Claw, keeping Captain Warrick alive to question him.


danzuke danzuke

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