Seekers of the Ashen Crown

The Road to Six Kings

Hey guys, watch me jump off this cliff!

The group, having stumbled upon a group of scouts with a tied of tattooed goblin, decided it was high time to get into some action during their trek along the trade road that connects the town of Ardev to the monument of Six Kings.

Balthazar and Druken climbed and jumped up the 20ft cliff face to square off against the two scouts above while Fargrim and Quinn stayed below. Bolts were thrown, arrows shot and at some point Balthazar knocked a dude off a cliff where he died on his way down.

(And let’s not get into the part where Balthazar leaped off the cliff to try and land on a guy, missed, and knocked himself out in the process.)

At the end of the fight they had rescued the goblin prisoner and questioned the last remaining Emerald Claw member who explained they were following order from Captain Warrick. The Captain thinks Demise is foolish in letting the PC’s acquire the pieces of the Ashen Crown with the intent of killing them later. Warrick plans to kill the PC’s and get the Ashen Crown for himself.

They continued their journey towards Six Kings when they noticed a plume of smoke from up ahead. They sent Druken to recon and came back with news of a few Knolls, Orcs and a Minotaur blocking the road ahead. The came up with a plan and set it into motion with Druken and Quinn hiding and Fargrim and Balthazar approaching on foot to talk to the Minotaur.

The Minotaur demanded a toll, and after a very brief (failed) negotiation the weapons were drawn!


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