Seekers of the Ashen Crown

The chase for the Ashen Crown begins

2.5 hours and only 1 die roll!

After the group defeated the Dhakaani Warlord Ashurta and claimed his blade they make their way with flying Kruthik samples in hand to deliver to Professor Quinn, who turns out to be both a professor but also a man looking for a bit of adventuring, thus was testing the PC’s with the task of getting the samples. They mention the blade and where they can find some more information about it and Quinn mentions Professor Gydd Nephret who studies Dhakaani antiquities. Quinn joins the group.

They then return to The Slag Pit to speak with Morlic Torranol and Olaakki about their reward for clearing out the hive. There’s a bit of a stand-off as Balthazar attempts to change the terms of the deal, but after calling in his guards Morlic and he defuse the situation, at which time Morlic dismisses the group and tosses Olaakki out with them. They reveal to Olaakki the tomb they found and they treasure therein. He doesn’t have any information to go on but promises to look into it and follow up with more information. He’s thankful the PC’s didnt take his part of the reward money.

A conversation with Professor Gydd Nephret reveals everything about both Ashurta’s Blade but also the Ashen Crown itself, including it’s parts and history. It sinks into the group that they stumbled onto something very valuable and serious in their attempt to clear out that hive. She requests to hold onto the blade for study and will touch base with the PC’s in two days time at the Inn of the Dancing Bear.

While waiting for her to contact them, the PC’s hear from the bartender that a strange group of goblins has been spotted, not native to the city, and were poking around in the Cogs. He also heard them referred to as “Wordbearers” but has no clue what that means. He promises to keep an eye out and is tipped for his help.

In the morning the group finds a royal summons outside their doors demanding they meet with Captain Saj Kalas at the Royal Citadel that very afternoon. The Plan discussed is in great detail.

Now that we know the word is out on the Ashen Crown and the recently discovered piece, the group heads back to Professor Gydd Nephret to retrieve the blade and find out what she knows. They meet Lady Dannae Ulyan, an elf noble, who attempts to purchase the blade for 5000gp. Turned down, she leaves with her guard. Gydd looks relieved, and says she kept the sword in the basement of Morgrave University and will grab it tonight and meet them first thing in the morning.

The next morning the PC’s find a letter from Gydd telling them that Lady Danne isn’t what she seems and to stay safe she’s leaving Sharn immediately. She leaves a key and locale of a wall panel that will have info and the blade in case she’s already gone. The group heads over right away through driving rain. Everything looks ok from the outside of her house but as Zarra sneaks up to the door she notices it’s slightly ajar…


Can we get a download of the info that the Captain gave us. There was a lot of stuff there. And what are the chances we won’t have a combat this week? : )


As requested, here’s the breakdown of everything discussed as part of The Plan with the Captain.

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