Seekers of the Ashen Crown

The Missing Professor

The city of Sharn in our rearview

As the rain poured down the group approached Professor Gydd Nephret‘s apt. Inside they found papers strewn about the place overturned. Lady Dannae Ulyan is there and tells them the professor’s not here, but that needn’t concern them. When her form flickered Fargrim and Prof. Quinn knew it was an illusion and prepared for battle. The PC’s fought off the Deathlock Wight and some zombies in the apt. After the fight the Prof. reveals that he’s a shapechanger having been through a battle together feels he can trust the other PC’s.

Afterwards they found the secret panel in the wall that Gydd told them about, recovering Ashurta’s Blade and more info about the Ashen Crown. They also found a note from Gydd saying “Dannae is Demise. Why Emerald Claw?”

After surviving the battle, the group met with Captain Saj Kalas one final time but had no follow up questions. They boarded their airship and traveled away from Sharn towards the trade road they would take to meet up with the Wordbearers to hopefully ally with to help them acquire the rest of the crown fragments before either the Bladebearers or Demsie and her band of Skullborn could. The race is on.

The trade road hike is long, and after traveling for awhile the group comes upon a band of humans with markings of the Emerald Claw interrogating a tied up goblin on the road way. Prof. Quinn shape changes into a similar looking goblin and jumps out to yell at the humans to provide a distraction. Meanwhile Balthazar climbs a cliff wall to get the drop on the group. But as the humans turn to look at the ruse an arrow comes from a scout on the top of the cliff and pierces the rock wall right next to Balthazar!


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