Seekers of the Ashen Crown

Nighttime in the Marketplace

An unseen deception and the loss of allies

When the group arrives at Greywall Yeera uses the Ashen Crown’s circlet power to locate the final piece of the crown, buried deep underground in ruins that unfortunately sit directly on top of the busy section of town known as the Goblin Market.

The group hatches a plan to set up an overpriced stall with a huge tent, to give Yeera and the Wordbearers cover to dig down while the market was running to acquire the last piece of the crown.

The group plays salesman while the dig occurs, and eventually they get word via the sending stone that the Wordbearers have found the last piece!

While Druken was on patrol around the square, he sees Demise on a road leading into the market sneering at them… at which point she and a group of gnolls attack. The melee drags the PC’s away from the tent for a time and when Yeera and the rest emerge the woman impersonating Demise laughs and takes her own life. The group notices something strange with the Wordbearers and that Tikulti isn’t among the group.

When they get close the notice the tell tale signs of the Wordbearers having been killed and reanimated as Deathgaunts, and after being attacked by them the PC are forced to kill their allies. They find all the pieces of the crown gone, except the one piece that Fargrim still holds.


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