Seekers of the Ashen Crown

Make Haste for Sharn!

Magic Airship Ride

Once killing their former Wordbearer allies, the PC retreat to a nearby tavern to regroup and try and figure out what just happened. Not long after finding safe haven the sending stone chips up and it’s Tikulti, taunting the group with his clever deception of killing Yeera and her friends and grabbing all the pieces of the Crown for Demise, who’s he’s been working for this entire time.

He threatens the group to run to Captain Kalas (who thinks is an agent of his) and plans to blame the attack on the PC’s.

He also taunts them back to Sharn, telling them he and Demise have what they need and will just get the rest from the PC’s whenever they like.

The group decides to hightail it back to Sharn to clear their names, take revenge for Yeera, and to stop Demise from acquiring the Ashen Crown for herself.

They hire the same airship they got to Greywall in to take them back to Sharn, and during the flight “home” they come under attack from a dragon! He crashes the deck and throws everyone about, but a lucky few moves and a well timed bull rush results in Fargrim knocking the fucking dragon off the side of the ship, and the ship is able to maintain enough speed to outrun the dragon once he’s pulled out of his fall and recovered.


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