Seekers of the Ashen Crown

Time compressed

As the controller of a world I have certain powers over it. Time compression, event shifting, etc. To the end I’m able to compress about 3 weeks worth of adventuring into a single post. A little bit out of laziness, but mostly to show you I’m able to do it.

The party had ventured deep into and under Six Kings, with nowhere to rest and escalating dangers around every corner. A climactic battle at the moon pool against overwhelming odds was rewarded with a piece of the Ashen Crown but nowhere to rest. Weary the group was surprised to have Yeera and her group bust into the room, with 2 less people than they entered the portal with, lost to the dangers of Six Kings. Pursued by god knows what, the group high tails it out of Six Kings and is relieved to see the sun once again.

The relief is short lived. The Wordbearers airship isn’t present, so Yeera sends her companions to investigate. She takes this moment alone with the party to apologize for not trusting them and making a formal bond. She tells of the final piece of the crown lying in the town of Greywall. The party hands over the pieces of the crown but they’re interrupted soon after.

On the road in front of them is the reanimated corpses of the Bladebearers they fought on their way to Six Kings! The have the same skin hanging look as the men in Professor Gydd’s apartment back in Sharn, and it isn’t hard to figure out Demise is behind this.

After re-killing them all (and collecting their heads) they head up the mountain to find Yeera’s scouts. They find the crew and the airship, though it’s been damaged. The scouts fought off a group of Emerald Claw and it would appear they weren’t here to kill the party, only to slow them down.

After repairs are made the group sets off for Greywall…


Greywall looks spooky.

Time compressed
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