Seekers of the Ashen Crown

The delve beneath Six Kings begins

Hmmm, we should collect these swords before these skeletons get up and walk.

Yeraa thinks there are two different pieces of the Ashen Crown hidden underneath Six Kings, and devises a plan where her group will go deep underground while the PC’s stay closer to the surface.

The collected group makes it’s way into the tunnels beneath Six Kings to find a room with a Obelisk in it. Yeraa and her crew begin a ritual to open a portal between this room and an identical one far below it. The ritual is a success and her party vanishes!

Just as that happens the group is surrounded by animated skeletons that begin to stand up as black mist covers the floor.

Once the fight was over Yeraa makes contact through her sending stone to make sure everyone is ok. They fought off a band of ghouls on the other side and it looks like the portal is one way, so they’ll have to find another way back.

The crew continues it’s search and comes upon a dark room with what appears to be black water rippling in pools. Fargrim can tell it’s Shadowseed. The group also seems “something” lurking in the corner of the room in a sunken area. As Fargrim moves to explore wraiths appear out of thin air and rush the Paladin!


Is it “Yeera” or “Yeraa”?

The delve beneath Six Kings begins
danzuke danzuke

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