Seekers of the Ashen Crown

At the base of Six Kings

The long journey down the trade road finally comes to an end

Finally, after days of travel and multiple ambushes and attempts on their lives the group makes it through and arrives at Six Kings. They meet up with the Wordbearers and attempt to ally with them without them knowing that their on orders from Captain Saj Kalas. After a negotiation the Hobgoblins agree to let the honor bouts of the Amalorkar decide the fate of the alliance.

After a few rounds the Amalorkar fell in favor of the party, and the hobgoblins of the Wordbearers celebrated, it’s as if the Gods themselves have blessed the alliance.

The leader, Yeraa, explains that there are 2 fragments in the caves beneath Six Kings. Lurtaan’s Cord and a solitaire gem. The solitaire gem is closer to the surface and will be the target for the party. Yeraa and the other Kech Volaar will trigger an obelisk inside the caves to open a portal to the “Moon Pool” where they believe the cord is located.

The group camps overnight outside the caves before their long and dangerous delve.


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