Seekers of the Ashen Crown

As we work our way through Six Kings

The search for the Moon Pool continues

Late update, but mostly dungeon delve type adventuring as the group searches beneath Six Kings for the elusive Moon Pool and another part of the Ashen Crown.

The group has been set upon by walking skeletons, Dolgrims with 4 arms and 2 mouths, etheral goblins, flame traps and more. Not to mention when Balthazar was taken over and dominated!

The group finds out from Yeera that it’s been tough going for her group as well, as she relays the information that one of her party has fallen. However, the search continues.

There are reports from Yeera of long lost goblin clans still fighting over long lost banners under Six Kings, having never seen the surface or daylight carry on battles that ended hundreds of years ago.


danzuke danzuke

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